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Growing up, my mom always cooked bacon in the oven - I think it was set to broil. By cooked, I really mean burned. Not every pan but at least one of the pans came out black. I’m not sure what turned me off the rest of the bacon but I never cared for it. Maybe it was an aversion to the amount of fat or the perhaps even just the fact that the rest of the world was so obsessed with it they put it on a doughnut (and everything else).

It was only when I started trying other recipes like corn chowder that I ever cooked it myself and really when I started keto that I decided it wasn’t too bad. I’m still not obsessed but will eat it on a burger or as a topping for soup. So here is my favorite way to cook bacon:

It’s actually quite simple: pan fry. I don’t like bacon cooked to the point it’s so crunchy there’s no fat left. Nor do I want it to be excessively floppy. Some spots should look well done so it’s definitely cooked.

For soup, I’ll make bacon bits - cut the bacon before cooking it because it cooks more evenly in bits than in strips and they can be big rustic bits. It’s super easy and gives you all the bacon grease you need for the soup and for a couple batches of scrambled eggs the following days.

For burgers (or just bacon strips), put the whole strip in the pan or possibly cut it in half - which you may have to do to fit it on the burger anyway so just cook it that way. It won’t hurt anything to serve half strips for breakfast either.