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Celiac Disease

Hello world! So I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease which means that when I eat gluten a war is waged inside my small intestines and causes damage to my insides. So, sadly I will have to leave flour, barley, and rye in the past. Several of my previous recipes are regular, good ol’ baking so it’s been a roller coaster ride realizing how many things I’ll have to look for substitutes for. Thankfully I do have a handful of recipes and treats that are naturally gluten-free:

Ice cream is fair game as long as there isn’t cookie dough or that kind of thing added. My almond cookies are still allowed Most cooking can use corn starch or other thickeners instead of flour. I already have a great pizza recipe from doing keto. I don’t think I’m ready for cauliflower crust… I also already had this recipe on my list of favorite cookies and was so excited to remember that it is still on the table. Here’s the recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Cookies From keto I also already have gluten free tamari and coconut aminos to replace soy sauce.

But regardless, my blog will have to pivot for future posts. I plan to experiment and continue to make delicious food and if anyone should ever find this blog and try a recipe, they should feel free to use whatever ingredients work for them.