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Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022

Well the tarts were such a hit last year, I had to do it again! This time, though, I did them all gluten-free. One person said they were maybe more crumbly but they were still pretty amazing. I adapted the tart dough recipe by doing one whole egg (the protein helps it hold together better) and just one extra yolk (which also lessened the number of extra egg whites from 3 per batch to just one) and a gluten free flour.

So I put together a few new flavors:
Pumpkin (for us for Thanksgiving)
Red Currant + Vanilla Cream (see the inspiration)
Coffee Cake
Skolebrød (cardamom-coconut) Strawberry

Here are the “recipes”

Each of them was favorited by somebody so I’d call that a successful Christmas!

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