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Fajita Salad

Fajita Salad

We use this fajita marinade recipe then my husband grills the meat.

Veggie Mix Bell peppers Onion Chili powder Cayenne Cumin Garlic powder Oregano Salt

Slice veggies. Toss with seasonings. In a large pan, saute veggies til cooked but with still the slightest crunch. With a batch of one green and one red pepper and half a large onion this could take 10 minutes so start it soon after the meat goes on the grill.

Other toppings Sour cream Cheese Salsa Lime juice Lettuce

Make a big salad and top it with all the tasty goodness. (Salad form is great for keto! And you can easily serve tortillas for anyone not doing a low carb diet.)