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Lazy (or Gluten-Free) Lasagna

Lazy (or Gluten-Free) Lasagna

The gluten free pasta instructions say not to mix the cooked noodles with sauce because they will become soggy and gross. So when I had homemade ricotta (if milk is expiring, I heat it up, mix in lemon juice or vinegar to curdle it, strain and freeze the simple cheese) and needed to make lasagna, I decided an assemble-per-serving method would have to do.

Banza Pasta - any shape
Pasta sauce - Hunts or just tomato sauce and add your own spices! Ground Beef Italian spices (if you need more) Homemade ricotta Milk Extra cheese for topping like cheddar or parmesan

Cook the ground beef, breaking it up into small pieces. Add the pasta sauce and any spices.
Cook the pasta according to package instructions.
Break up the ricotta and stir in milk until it becomes softer.

To serve, scoop some pasta into a bowl, add sauce and ricotta mix and more cheese if desired.