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Mango Leek Chicken Curry

Mango Leek Chicken Curry

I hadn’t had this in years but it came to mind a few months ago and I had to make it. I reached out on Facebook to the person who had made it for me but she didn’t remember the recipe so I had to figure it out on my own. I googled a bit to see what kind of leek or mango chicken curries I could find and while they were helpful, they weren’t quite right. I remembered a handful of the ingredients. There are the obvious: leek, mango, chicken. I think we use a mango chutney, which I found a recipe for (this one ) instead of buying. The other stuff that are probably obvious if you make a lot of curry: coconut milk and curry paste.

So following a recipe from Chowhound (which doesn’t seem to work while I’m writing this) as a base I put it together as follows:

1.5 - 2 lb Chicken
1 Leek
1 Red bell pepper
1 can Coconut milk
1-3 TBSP Red Curry Paste
1/2 C Mango chutney

Make the chutney the day before if possible.
Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces.
Cut the Leek from the root and trim the tops as necessary, wash dirt from each layer. Cut into 1/2” pieces - larger half rings can be cut in half to be more bite sized.
Cut the bell pepper into slices and then into bite size pieces.

Using a small amount of oil (safflower or avocado) cook chicken pieces in batches a couple minutes on each side then move to a bowl while you cook the next batch. When done remove the last of the chicken and add the leek - fry for just a minute until they brighten - remove from pot. Add bell pepper - cook until slightly softened but still have a crunch. In the same pot, add the can of coconut milk and whisk in the curry paste - enough to achieve desired spiciness level and/or color. Return the chicken, leek, and pepper. Add a scoop of Mango chutney and mix in - add more til you reach desired sweetness.

Serve on rice.