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My Favorite Way to Waffle

My Favorite Way to Waffle

I got this super cute little waffle maker and just make the simple recipe that comes with the instructions. I’ve always been weird about pancakes, and waffles have been questionable- I can’t stand maple syrup (PTSD from doing dishes after my whole family has a pancake breakfast - it’s like not being able to eat something after you throw it up one time). Anyway, I’ve always done chocolate chips if I partook at all and the discovery of Nutella was revolutionary. But I have found the best way to eat waffles:

Waffles (mini is great)
Mini chocolate chips
Raspberry syrup (recipe below)
Whipped Cream

For the raspberry syrup:
Raspberries (frozen should be fine too)
Lemon juice

Place all in sauce pan and heat on medium. As the berries soften, break them up with your spatula. Cook until berries are well broken up but not so long it becomes jam.
Allow to cook slightly. Store in a jar or container. Heat up small amounts as needed for waffles.

To assemble the waffle:
Place a fresh hot waffle on your plate. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips trying to get even coverage so you get some in every bite. Spoon a layer of warm syrup on top. (The hot waffle and jam together will melt the chocolate). Top with whipped cream and fresh berries if you have extra.