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Norwegian Meat Cakes

Norwegian Meat Cakes

I lived in Norway for a year and a half and collected recipes as much as I could. Meat cakes or kjottkake was a very common meal but usually made from premade frozen packaged food, the same for the gravy (from a packet). I was lucky enough to learn how to make them from scratch. My sister got me a Norwegian food cookbook for Christmas and that recipe was slightly different. I liked things from both so I combine the two ideas here:

Ground beef Salt Pepper Egg Allspice? Evaporated Milk

Mix well Ice cream scoop into pan with butter. Cook til brown then flip. Check temperature if you’d like.

For the gravy Butter Flour Beef bouillion Water (or brown gravy packets work in a pinch)

Melt butter in sauce pan, mix in flour and cook on medium until it browns. The deeper the roux goes the darker the final product. It may smell slightly burny but that’s ok. Gradually add the water (it will bubble up but will calm down as you add more). Add the bouillion (crush for quick dissolve).

Serve with boiled potatoes, steamed cabbage/carrots/brussel sprouts, and lingonberry jam. Eat with a fork and knife and try to get some of everything on your fork in each bite. If you run out of one item you have to get more, so it becomes an art of getting the right size bits of each to finish clear and free.