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Strawberry Curd - and the Preppy Kitchen Funfetti Cake

Strawberry Curd - and the Preppy Kitchen Funfetti Cake

I found Preppy Kitchen soon after starting Keto - excellent for my diet right? It was maybe a good time to find it so that I couldn’t just make everything. I actually made the oreo cake for my brother-in-law’s birthday while still on the diet (I saved a piece in the freeze for later). I found that the frosting recipe was enough for two cakes and a batch of cupcakes.

A month or so later, not on the diet anymore, I made the funfetti cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday party. I made the 9” version but just two layers so I made a double batch since John’s directions say a triple batch for 9” but the three layer version. I found the same frosting issue with this recipe since I didn’t want an inch of frosting around the whole cake and, as tasty as meringue buttercream is, everyone who got to try it appreciated that it wasn’t a thick layer of frosting.

Instead of filling it with more frosting though, I made a strawberry curd. It made a wonderful cake filling and a little pop of pink in the middle of a colorful cake. I used John’s recipe for lemon curd but replaced half of the lemon juice with strawberry puree (see below). For the final step before cooling, pour it into a cake pan lined with plastic so it forms into the right shape to create an even layer.

For the strawberry puree - Strawberries (I used some frozen ones and melted them in the pot) when the berries are softened slightly blend with a magic wand, strain. You can used that or put it back in the pan and reduce it slightly so that there is more strawberry flavor in the curd.

I actually made it again for my boss’s birthday and took this one in to work: