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Tarts 2022

Pumpkin Tart
I turned this recipe into a tart. Spread a layer of the cream cheese frosting on the bottom, fill the rest with the pumpkin pudding and top with whipped cream.

S’mores Tart
Spread a layer of ganache on the bottom. I found this Ganache article helpful in determining how thick/thin to make the chocolate - you don’t want it to turn into a brick in the fridge, even a little melty texture is great for s’mores. You can stir in some cinnamon to add a little bit more graham cracker-iness to it. Top with Marshmellow Creme spread to the edges to seal in the ganache. Try to make a nice swirl pattern on top and then torch it.

Red Currant Tart (see the inspiration) This tart was simply vanilla pastry cream with red currant sauce on top (it was originally supposed to be a jam but it didn’t set up enough).

Coffee Cake
I made the brown sugar pastry cream from this recipe, a vanilla buttercream, and baked some cinnamon struesel (like you might put on a pie or muffin) on a tray. Fill the tart shell half way with the pastry cream. Spread struesel on top, then add a swish of buttercream on top.

Skolebrød (cardamom-coconut) Here’s one recipe of the inspiration. Make the Vanilla Custard from that recipe, have vanilla butter cream and sweetened coconut ready. Put a large spoonful of custard in the tart shell but not full - pipe buttercream around the edge - it should be thick enough to push the custard back to the center of the tart but not hurt your hand to squeeze. Top the buttercream edge with coconut as neatly as you feel bothered to.

Crush freeze dried strawberries into a powder - sift out the seeds. Stir into Marshmellow Creme. Make some of this Strawberry Pie Filling. Half fill the tart shell with strawberry fluff, top with the pie filling.